What services do you offer?

-Murals & Illustration
-Themed Environments
-Props & Sets
-2D & 3D Sculpture
Take a look at our services page to learn more about our offerings!

 Can you make a design for me before I decide to use your services?

Yes! However, we charge an initial design fee based on the scope of the project.

How much does it cost? For design? For a project?

Cost is relative to the overall scope of the project–from the proposed deadlines to how many room signs you will need.
During your initial consultation, we will discuss how to make this the most cost-effective investment for you! So please give us a call and let’s see how we can meet your needs!

I’m not a big church/organization—what can I do?

Our core values are Craftsmanship, Stewardship, Collaboration and Legacy. We want to be good stewards of our craftsmanship by collaborating with you to create a reachable legacy. This is incorporated into our work with you from Design, to Production, to Installation. We can start with a foundation–an affordable “base”–and build on more later!

How far will you travel to install?

We will travel anywhere within the Continental US and internationally as well, depending on the breadth of the project.

Are the environments you create safe and eco-friendly?

Yes! We use eco-friendly paints and production materials. And, we make every effort to create kid-friendly environments! We will work with you to address any potential safety issues in advance, but all of our products are made with safety as a top priority.